Clinical EFT (emotional freedom techniques) is non-invasive and effective in treating ANXIETY, Fears, PTSD, Stress and Trauma

EFT facilitates rapid positive change and optimal therapeutic outcomes. EFT is an evidence-based self-help therapeutic method with over 125 published studies demonstrating its efficacy – 70 were randomised control trials, 55 were pre-post outcome studies, and 99% of studies proved that the EFT method was effective. Australian Associate Professor, Dr Peta Stapleton from Bond University in Queensland, has also done much to further this research.

In 2003 I was introduced to EFT, learning with GARY CRAIG the founder of EFT. Over the years I’ve witnessed the profound benefits of this modality for myself initially, and then with clients. Many clients experience breakthroughs after having had years of talk therapy, CBT or other healing services that have not been able to unlock their core “issue”.

How EFT works

In energy-oriented therapy, we tap and talk in sessions, and in the process, release unnecessary anxiety, grief or trauma, gently and sometimes immediately.  Most clients experience emotional pain, dysfunction and chronic stress as a result of past trauma. And when the effects of trauma and stress are released from the body-mind system, the nervous system can return to a state of safety, giving the client new capacity to live in the present.

After recalling an upsetting or traumatic incident or event, the client pairs the traumatic memory with a self-acceptance statement. For instance, Even though I was terrified when they broke into my house, I deeply and completely accept myself” and then taps on points on the face and body.

Repeated sequences of EFT are performed until the client reports a lessening of emotional intensity associated with the traumatic memory. As well, activating positive images or affirmations whilst tapping on acupressure points assists the creation of neural connections that give life to those images and affirmations.


This technique has been proven in numerous studies with Vietnam Veterans with PTSD to have long-lasting results. HERE is a Video you can watch from the founder of EFT, Gary Craig, who sat and tapped for many days with these veterans. Please be aware, it could be upsetting to some people. If you feel triggered, please reach out to Lifeline, or give me a call on 0430 175 923.

While developing as a child if we experience hurts and fear this can cause our emotions to be suppressed, and significantly impact emotional development. “This is the central idea behind psychotherapist Alice Miller’s book “The Drama Of Being A Child”.  Most of us are often running our 3 year old stories way into adult life (unless we’ve had effective therapy at a young age) and our painful “traumatic” memories and experiences tends to underlie problems in our present—often outside our awareness.

EFT (and other tapping methods) were for some 17 years considered unscientific, but in recent times the highly prestigious and influential APS (American Psychological Society) finally acknowledged it as a scientifically validated technique to address psychological issues.

DISCLAIMER: While I have witnessed an endless number of amazing results with the use of these meridian techniques, I do not claim that you will achieve the same success. It is not a substitute for conventional medical interventions, and I encourage you to get regular medical exams and talk to your doctor or other health professionals about what treatments are best for you.