Counselling in Mullumbimby

and via Zoom around the world

Providing you with a compassionate and professional Clinical Counselling service to support you through your life at present.


I’m a University trained Clinical Counsellor, and have been in private practice for over 2 decades. I assist people to explore and honor all of their emotions, and navigate any life transitions, moving from pain and suffering with as much ease as possible. My therapeutic approach is not a cookie-cutter one – I work collaboratively with you in a relational way, helping you to become your own ‘expert’. I also assist you to connect the dots to your past if necessary, and how this can often impact your present life. So I invite you now to step forward with courage and trust, and see what awaits you.


I bring my whole self and heart into client sessions, and my holistic approach is grounded in Person-centred therapy, Inner child work and re-parenting, Somatic experiencing, Terry Real’s Relational approach, Energy psychology (EFT) and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

My specialities are in Mother and Daughter healing, Navigating Midlife and Beyond, and of late, the Way of Love with the Rose codes. I also have extensive experience in the areas of Anxiety and Depression, Intimacy and Relationships, TRAUMA and PTSD.

My work is trauma-informed and is centred on the principles of safety, choice and trust. Research has shown that for any change to occur, the therapeutic relationship is paramount. So I encourage you to browse my website and who I am, as it’s important that you find a Counsellor who you resonate with.

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Graduate Diploma in Applied Counselling (with Distinction), University of Western Sydney – Practicum and study Thesis in Sexual Assault Counselling

Graduate Diploma in Social Ecology with the University of Western Sydney

Studies in Depth Psychology, Philosophy and Anthropology at Deakin University

Frequency Healing training with Healy World, Germany

Heart Math, Energy medicine (specifically EFT with Gary Craig), Mindfulness, NLP, Terry Real’s Relationship approach

Prior Complementary modalities – Reiki Mastery, Qi-gong, Remedial Massage, Vibrational essences and Aromatherapy.

Somatic Therapies

Mothers & Daughters

I work with women of all ages and stages, listening deeply to your challenges.

I’ll support you either to find your voice or unravel or release old trauma, so you can choose a new story for the next chapter of your life, fully alive in your body, with radiance and wellbeing.

I specialise in Mother ~ Daughter healing that provides mothers or daughters to explore their concerns about this relationship. As our first relationship in life is with Mother, this can leave many women with lifelong challenges to varying degrees.

As a daughter, mother of daughters, and grandmother, I’m experienced and equipped to support women to navigate this relationship with self-compassion and forgiveness.


Mandalas of Love

These Mandala of Love consultations are a recent service to clients after having grown and communed with the roses since 2010, and are offered to support your path of healing and to allow your heart to bloom.

A personal consultation with me can help illuminate, comfort and support you through any current life challenges.

The Alchemical Rose Oracle from which I work is a high frequency pathway of love to help us to remember our essential nature.  In a ‘mandala of love’ session we’ll create a personalised ‘mandala of love’ for you, you’ll receive the healing essence and light of the roses, and also a sacred anointing with essential oils and rose essences to ignite your heart to help you remember the light that you are.

Navigating Midlife & Beyond

If you’re interested in ageless living, regardless of which stage in life you’re at, it’s never too late to choose the fullest, most satisfying life!  I use the latest science and research to help you create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

My approach is unique in that as an older therapist having peeled off many layers and practised many healing paths for 4 decades, I have the lived experience, clinical therapeutic tools and empathy in how to navigate this road with ease and creativity.

I have an ability to be a safe and strong container for you to say the unspoken. When navigating change or embracing uncertainty, having a supportive companion can help you speed up the time it takes to figure out your new reality.