The Way of Love ~

Mandala of Love Consultations

These Mandala of Love consultations are a recent offering to clients after having grown and communed with the roses since 2010.

They have been calling me ever since to work with them. It has been a profound journey and honouring of their alchemical essence and transformative power to heal.

These Rose ‘Mandala of Love’ healing sessions are offered to support your path of healing and allow your heart to bloom, and to help illuminate, comfort and guide you through any current challenges.

During the session I’ll be working intuitively with the Rose Alchemical energies and their wisdom.  With my extensive experience in  energetics, heart math and psychotherapy of over 30 years, along with the rose codes, we’ll create a personalised ‘mandala of love’ for you. You’ll have the opportunity to let go of that which is not serving you or your life and be fully supported in aligning with what is calling you. You’ll receive the healing and essence and the light of the roses and a sacred anointing with essential oils and rose essences to ignite your heart to help you remember the light that you are.

The Alchemical Rose Oracle from which I work is a high frequency pathway of love to help us to remember our essential nature. The loving and nurturing way of the Divine Feminine is shared through the messages of these beautiful and powerful Rose energies. They each carry ancient and unique codes of light, offer their pure love, and are a vibrational balm for your Heart to release any residual past hurts or trauma.

Roses hold the light of the divine feminine Christ consciousness, and are portals into our heart. She invites us to receive her golden essence and balm for deep nourishment of your feminine self.

Embodying the Divine Feminine way has been a rich and sacred homecoming for me, following and trusting Her to guide me in my desire to live an authentic and soul-centred life. This I believe is the way of the feminine. One of the big lessons for me was to live more from my heart, to live consciously from that state of unconditional love and acceptance than I had done in my earlier years. And the essence of the rose frequencies have been a guiding light in my life.

Sacred Space consultations

For 30 years I’ve practised Feng Shui informally (space clearing) from the wisdom of one of the early practitioners like Denise Linn. As there is a strong connection between your inner story and your home space, I now weave the Rose Oracle into home consultations so that your sacred space becomes a sanctuary and supports you and your loved ones’ wellbeing.


“A mandala is a geometric, circular artwork that holds spiritual and ritual significance in various cultures, and carry profound spiritual and psychological meanings, valued for their beauty, symmetry, and ability to inspire contemplation and healing, particularly in Hinduism and Buddhism. The term “mandala” originates from Sanskrit, meaning “circle.” Mandalas are designed to create a sacred space and aid in focusing attention inward. We can see mandalas in the organic form of flowers, in our churches and crop circles, and in the dance of Venus in the heavens”