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In Counselling sessions, I create a safe space for you to share what’s causing emotional upset, or what you’d like to achieve. My role is to assist you to flourish. To respond more effectively and positively in your relationships with others and in your life generally. We’ll also work together to highlight your emotional resources and innate strengths.

EMOTIONAL Awareness and BREAKTHROUGH sessions

I offer a space for you to tenderly dialogue with your emotions which is an often, new experience. All of your emotions are essential for your health. Emotions can act as portals into greater insight and clarity. Learning how to work with all of your emotions can dramatically improve your life and your relationships. So I invite you to connect and come home to yourself. To integrate your past, and imagine a brighter future.

In many sessions I use the transformational technique of EFT that sends calming signals to the Amygdala. This reduces the emotional charge associated with negative states of mind that keep people fearful and stuck. During a session you may experience an energy shift as things become clearer and a sense of relief is experienced. I also provide you with strategies and coaching to live your life in alignment with your values.

Navigating Midlife and Beyond Mentoring

For people experiencing challenges or questions around this time.

My approach is unique in that as an older therapist having peeled off many layers and practised many healing paths for 4 decades, I have the lived experience, clinical tools and empathy of how it is to navigate this road. I’ve also been researching and writing about this chapter of life for over 10 years.

This era often comes with big life questions and even anxiety and fear about one’s future. It can also be a time for re-invention, to reclaiming one’s life after children have flown, to changing careers, or going it alone for the first time. It can be joyful – but it depends on your approach and your beliefs.

I’ve sought Mariana’s counselling services on a few occasions over the years. I felt immediately relaxed and comfortable with Mariana, and found she has an uncanny knack of getting to my deepest emotions and issues amazingly quickly. She held a safe place for me to surrender, and had the medicine I needed to help me clear and resolve my emotional state to move on and decide how I wanted to approach my present and future in a different way. I wholeheartedly recommend Mariana for her counselling and healing skills.”

Veronica, Blue Mountains

MOTHER~DAUGHTER Healing sessions


Most of my work is with women who’ve experienced trauma and other emotional pain in childhood.

Our sessions focus on healing the wounded feminine within. I work specifically helping women to listen to their intuitive voice that may have been pushed aside due to painful experiences.

Our relationship with Mother often leaves many women with lifelong challenges to varying degrees.

In both mothers or daughters, unresolved pain and grief around this relationship will live on in them. This can present as obstacles and challenges in their present lives, and often difficulties with other women.

As a daughter, mother of daughters, and grandmother, I’m experienced and equipped to support women to navigate this relationship with self-compassion and forgiveness.

I am extremely grateful for your work with me. It opened me not only to what I needed to face but to the strength needed to overcome it. I loved the way you guided me so gently but with such quiet clarity gained only from having the deep expertise to support people in their healing. I felt very safe. It opened me without feeling traumatised. And in the days since I have much more compassion and love for myself. Thank you Mariana for your beautiful wise and healing ways.

Rose, Sydney


My fees are negotiable with discounts for concession card holders available, so please discuss prior to your session.

Though I’m a University qualified Clinical Counsellor with 20 years experience, I am unable to offer you a Medicare Plan.  However, my fees are competitive and considerably less than what Psychologists and Social Workers charge for a 50 min session ($220).

Payment is accepted in Cash or Bank transfer.

Cancellation/Missed Appointments. You will receive a text reminder the day prior to your session.  Please give at least 12 hours notice of cancellation or a cancellation fee will apply by discretion

To make an appointment phone me on 0430 175 923 or send an email