Emotional FREEDOM is your birthright

BELIEVE that achieving Emotional FREEDOM

doesn’t have to be a long drawn-out struggle.
I’ll show you how to get back on track in a short space of time. 

And if others can do it, so can YOU!

For instance, in the USA, Vietnam Veterans have experienced complete freedom from PTSD after years of traditional therapies and medication. 

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In a 2 hr BREAKTHROUGH session as you share your story, I receive intuitive insights and use a combination of psychological counselling and the transformational tool of EFT that bypasses your mind and taps into your subconscious to assist you. So if you’re challenged with DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, EATING DISORDERS, PTSD or anything else, I can help you to feel significantly better in 1 or 2 sessions, so you begin to experience deep, cellular healing and emotional freedom .

Ultimately, my mission is to awaken you to your own inner healer.

Book your 2 Hour BREAKTHROUGH Session and receive follow-up Phone and email support.

In 2003 I was introduced to EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and witnessed the profound benefits of this modality for myself initially, and then with clients – it produces results, gently, and has long-lasting effects – many clients experience breakthroughs after having had years of talk therapy, CBT or other healing services that have not been able to unlock their core “issue”.  

DEEPER HEART and SOUL sessions 

. . . will provide you with an opportunity to explore any LONG-STANDING challenges, and develop a deeper intimacy with your heart and soul.  Like mountain climbing, “although you can’t see the view at every step, you need to trust the path and the guide until you can get to a clearing, look back to see progress, and imagine the end point”.   As your guide I will ‘midwife’ you on this journey, a path I’ve courageously walked for many years. 

I am extremely grateful for your work with me. It opened me not only to what I needed to face but to the strength needed to overcome it. I loved the way you guided me so gently but with such quiet clarity gained only from having the deep expertise to support people in their healing. I felt very safe. It was clear during the session that you knew what you were doing and could guide me into healing myself. It opened me without feeling traumatised. And in the days since I have much more compassion and love for myself. Thank you Mariana for your beautiful wise and healing ways. Rose, Sydney

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